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Welcome to creating a new project in Digital Studio. Let's start at the beginning.

Create Project

To initiate a new project, follow these steps within the Workspace section. The process is straightforward and requires the project's name, description, and primary language selection.

Create new project step by step:
  1. Access the Workspace Tab: Click on the Workspace tab to enter the project management area.

  2. Initiate Project Creation: Look for and click on the 'Create Project' button to start the project setup process.

  3. Enter Project Details:

    • Project Name: Fill in the desired name for the new project.

    • Project Description: Provide a brief description that outlines the project's purpose or scope.

    • Select Primary Language: Choose the primary language intended for the project.

  4. Confirmation: Once all necessary information is entered, confirm the creation of the project by clicking the 'Create Project' button.

Ensure that all details entered accurately represent the new project to avoid any confusion or misrepresentation.

Search Project

To efficiently locate specific projects, utilise the search functionality conveniently positioned above the project listing. The process is simple—enter the project name into the search bar, and the system will handle the rest. If no project matches your search criteria, the system will display 'No project found'; simply clear the search bar to broaden your search. Your search will stay persistent when you move through the studio.

Additionally, you have the option to sort the projects on the left side by alphabetical order or by the newest models, based on your preference."

Search project step by step
  1. Access the Search Bar: Click on the search bar positioned above the project listing.

  2. Enter Project Name: Type in the desired project name you're looking for.

  3. View Search Results: The system will respond with matching projects based on the name entered.

  4. Select the Desired Project: Click on the project that matches your search to open its detailed information.

If no project matches your search, 'No project found' will be displayed. Clear the search bar to reset the search criteria and broaden the results.

Also throughout the studio, when you want to filter through long list of options (in dropdown fields), just start typing and list will be filtered automatically.

Delete Project

To delete a project, ensure that you have selected it within your workspace. Please note that this action is irreversible and will permanently remove the selected project. It's crucial to confirm that you've chosen the correct project for deletion, as this process is final and cannot be undone.

Delete project step by step:
  1. Select the Project in Your Workspace: Navigate to your workspace and choose the project you want to delete.

  2. Ensure You've Selected the Correct Project for Deletion: Double-check to confirm that you've chosen the right project before proceeding with deletion.

  3. Locate the "Delete" Button: Look for the "Delete" button positioned typically in the bottom right or left corner near the "Create Project" button.

  4. Confirm Deletion: A small window or confirmation dialog will appear. Click on "Delete Permanently" within this window.

  5. Project Successfully Deleted: Once confirmed, the selected project will be permanently deleted from your workspace.

Always exercise caution and verify that you are deleting the intended project to avoid accidental deletion of important data or work. Double-checking ensures you're taking the correct action.

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