Building new projects

Welcome aboard! This guide will walk you through the effortless steps to craft a basic Generative AI chatbot. Follow along this step-by-step tutorial to create Your First Virtual Assistant.

Choose the project

Here you will learn how to build the basic Virtual assistant for answering your questions using the 3 main nodes in 3 easy steps.

Here we will deep-dive to more complex solution and showcase all nodes and explain the logic to more details

Advanded project

Want to download the project? Recommending you to follow this step by step guide

Import the sample chatbot project to your workspace

To understand the Conversation Flow, import the provided example project to your workspace. The downloadable file serves as a working copy for you to explore and comprehend the project logic.

Practice building the project step-by-step. You can reference the downloadable example to understand the project's logic better.

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