Step 6. - Training and Execution

Congratulations on creating your first Virtual Assistant that knows your name!

Before training the project, ensure you've activated the "Execute..." option in the advanced settings before the Generative AI node in the last message node. The project is automatically saved, and now it's time to train it by clicking the designated button.

We intentionally used a two-line user name as an example. We elucidated the usage of the "namex" function back in Step 2. Feel free to modify or delete these sentences based on your requirements.

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  1. Review and reconfigure the message node connected to the 'Generative AI' node, ensuring that the checkbox for "execute" is selected.

  2. Validate the logic of the entire flow to ensure smooth functioning.

  3. Initiate the training process by clicking the "Train version" button. If any errors arise, carefully review the provided information and improve the problematic node(s) accordingly.

  4. Interact with your newly created Virtual Assistant by clicking on the Chat Bubble and engaging in a conversation.

You've now successfully developed your First Virtual Assistant!

The displayed message: {'name': 'John', 'surname': 'Swain'} showcases the specific details retrieved by the "Namex" function. You can extract particular parts for usage purposes as demonstrated in Step 2.

Even minor alterations in the Conversation Flow necessitate retraining the version. Ensure you untrain and retrain the version to implement and observe any updates or modifications made.

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