The 'Decision' node serves as a valuable feature for creating branching scenarios within your Conversation Flow

In this example overview, prerequisites are established through the 'Function' node or some variable in the 'Answer' node before reaching the 'Decision' node. To witness its application, refer to the chapter Creating Your First Virtual Assistant:

  • County: Tracks the number of times the user crosses the 'Function' node.

  • Value: Assuming the value is set to 32, multiple scenarios are crafted based on these values to bifurcate the Conversation Flow.

Precise conditions within the 'Decision' node hold utmost significance. Conditions are processed sequentially, moving from the first to the last. When a condition is met, the connected target node is triggered.

In cases where no conditions match, the 'Decision' node resorts to the 'Other' path, similar to a fallback function seen in other nodes. Visualize it as akin to an SQL Case function (when/else logic).

Consider altering the condition order based on your flow logic and priority for optimal decision-making within your Conversation Flow

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