Step 1. - Initializing Your Project

This section guides you through starting your project by setting up and linking 'Message' and 'Answer' nodes to establish the foundation for user interaction.

Begin by establishing a new project, a crucial first step in crafting your digital assistant.

Following the creation of your project, set up a greeting message node featuring the straightforward query, "How can I help you?" This establishes the initial interaction with users.

For a deeper understanding of configuring these nodes, it is advisable to consult the articles on 'Message' node and 'Answer' nodes provided in this section.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Create Your Project: Initiate by naming and setting up a new project.

  2. Set Up the Message Node: Link the 'START' node to the newly established 'Message' node.

  3. Input Friendly Text: Craft a welcoming message for users, enhancing clarity on the interaction's purpose.

  4. Incorporate an 'Answer' Node: Introduce an 'Answer' node to capture user responses, facilitating an interactive experience.

Next, ensure the message node (labeled MSG_INTRO) is effectively linked to the 'Start' node. This connection delineates the flow from the initiation of interaction to the user's engagement.

It's imperative to position the 'Answer' node subsequent to the 'Message' node, mirroring the dynamic of chatbot output followed by customer input.

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