Step 5. - Finalizing the Project

Our last step involves defining the concluding logic for the successful Virtual Assistant we've built.

Let's establish a simple TRUE/FALSE logic based on the customer's response to showcase a basic logic example in your application:

  • "YES" intent loops back to the generative AI node.

  • "NO" intent leads to ending the conversation.

Make sure you have properly setup the hangup (when the user is still on the call) and fallback (backing scenario)

Step by step
  1. Create an ending node for the "NO" intent.

  2. Generate a new message node, "Please write your answer below," connected to the generative AI node for the "YES" intent.

  3. Connect the "Fallback" to the newly created message node.

  4. For "Hangup," immediately end the call.

You can create an infinite loop by arranging 'yes/no' questions to return to the same node (avoiding the call end).