Deploy Project

Deploying your project into production is a pivotal step in enhancing customer satisfaction through its use.

We're here to guide you through the deployment process. If you need assistance, please refer to the contact information provided.

Assigning a new phone number to your assets is an essential part of this process.

Step-by-step of project deployment
  1. Ensure Conversation Flow Training: Verify that your conversation flow is adequately trained before initiating deployment.

  2. Initiate Deployment: Click on the "Deploy Version" option within your project.

  3. Assign a Phone Number: Associate the created phone number with your deployment.

  4. Configuration Options: Customize your deployment by specifying:

    • A friendly name for your deployment number.

    • Voice settings, including temperature, technology, speed, and supported languages.

    • Preferences for call recordings and background music (upload custom tracks in assets).

    • Whitelisting or blacklisting specific numbers as needed.

  5. Confirm Deployment: Click "Confirm" to execute and deploy your project.

  6. Test Your Conversation Flow: Run a test call to ensure the effectiveness of your deployed Conversation Flow.

Ensure your project is trained and has an assigned phone number in assets before deployment. You can refer to our step-by-step guide in the "Create First Project" chapter for assistance.

Minor adjustments may be required in the project to successfully deploy your voicebot.

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