Step 2. - Integrating AI Node

This part is about integraton a Generative AI node for dynamic interactions and establishing an ongoing dialogue loop, preparing for further project refinement.

With the initial setup complete, the next stride involves incorporating a Generative AI intent recognition. This addition enriches customer interactions by enabling recognition of greetings or conversation conclusions, thus enhancing user experience with responsive engagement.

Defining Fallbacks

A fallback mechanism is crucial when specific intents are unrecognizable. In such cases, the interaction defaults to a 'AI' node, ensuring the customer receives pertinent responses to their inquiries.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Access an 'Answer' Node: Initiate by selecting an existing 'Answer' node.

  2. Generate a New Intent: Employ Generative AI intent recognition to create a 'goodbye' intent.

  3. Establish a Fallback: Set up a fallback 'AI' node for unrecognizable queries.

  4. Create an 'END' Node: Designate this as the target for the 'goodbye' intent.

  5. Configure the 'AI' Node: Tailor the system message to meet your requirements.

  6. Incorporate a Follow-Up 'Message' Node: Position this after the 'AI' node to query additional customer questions.

  7. Link for Continuous Interaction: Connect this 'Message' node back to the 'Answer' node, enabling an infinite interaction loop.

Implementing AI Node

An 'AI' node is established with a predefined system message (for details, refer to the linked resources). Post-response, a subsequent 'Message' node inquires if the customer has further questions, linking back to the 'ANS_ask' node to foster a continuous dialogue loop. This structure is pivotal for crafting a seamless ask-and-answer loop within the virtual assistant, laying the groundwork for our Conversation Flow builder.

Proceeding to Further Development

As this step lays the foundational AI integration, it's crucial to progress to STEP 3 - Training and Testing Your Project, to refine and validate the system's functionality.

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