Step 3. - Adding the AI node

The second step was about configurating friendly greetings in our Digital Studio Conversation Flow

Now, our customer crossed the function node second time and he/she is ready to continue in flow. Starting with simple - "How can I help you today?" and connecting it to simple setup Generative AI node with purpose to answer the topic.

Make sure you checked -> Execute after message is played - to wait for a client response. Continue with making other nodes asking the T/F question reqarding other customer´s questions or topics to discuss.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Establish a fallback option from the 'Decision' node (Else) as a new 'Message' node.

  2. Prompt the user with a simple query - "How can I help you today?"

  3. Ensure the 'Execute' option in advanced settings is checked to ensure the flow operates correctly.

  4. Create a connected 'Generative AI' node with a straightforward prompt to address the user's query.

  5. Generate a 'Message' node prompting the user to respond with True/False regarding any additional questions.

The 'Execute after message is played' feature signifies a brief pause in the conversation, awaiting the customer's input within our chat bubble. Technically, it triggers the post-event immediately after the node's completion, enhancing the conversational flow by synchronizing responses with user interactions.

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