Step 3. - Finalizing with Testing and Training

We are focusing on finalizing the project through training and testing, leveraging collaborative tools and test bubble to ensure the virtual assistant's logic is flawless and ready for interaction.

Progressing to project finalization, it's paramount to harness the collaborative features such as notes and comments, enhancing team synergy and efficiency. Saving and training the project ensures the conversational logic is error-free and operates as intended.

Collaborative Review

Utilize the collaborative tools to refine the project with team insights, ensuring comprehensive review and optimization.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Evaluate the Conversation Logic: Engage in a thorough review to ensure seamless flow.

  2. Save Your Work: Secure project progress with a simple click on the save button.

  3. Initiate Training: Activate the training process to verify the conversation logic's integrity.

    1. Error Handling: Should errors arise, consult the provided hints for precise troubleshooting.

  4. Conduct Flow Testing: Experiment with various queries within the test bubble to gauge interaction effectiveness.

Training the Project

Training validates the logical structure and absence of errors, a critical step before deployment. A testing bubble, appearing in the bottom right corner, serves as a sandbox for real-world simulation, allowing you to observe and refine the conversation flow, including the seamless recognition of conversation endings through phrases like "thank you."

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