(Optional) - Integrating a Knowledge Base Index

Elevate the capabilities of your 'AI' node by incorporating a knowledge base index. As an example, we'll transform the logic to mimic a UNESCO FAQ chatbot, utilizing a specialized knowledge base index

Download the Sample Knowledge Base

For a practical demonstration, access the UNESCO knowledge base index through the provided *.zip file download link:

Configuring the Knowledge Base

This section illustrates the straightforward process of building your index, specifically tailored to enrich the 'AI' node's responses with detailed, accurate information.

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Step-by-step guide
  1. Adapt Textual Content: Modify existing content to align with the UNESCO chatbot's objectives.

  2. Initiate a New Index: Label this new index 'UNESCO'.

  3. Populate the Index: Upload relevant files to the newly created index.

  4. Select Knowledge Base in 'AI' Node: Navigate to the 'AI' node, opting for the 'Knowledge base' function.

  5. Choose the Appropriate Index: Link the project to the desired knowledge base index.

  6. Commence Training: Prepare the model for interaction by training it with the updated index.

  7. Conduct Queries: Test the system's knowledge by asking diverse questions.

Knowledge base indexes significantly augment the conversational AI's effectiveness, enabling the integration of specific, detailed company or organizational information directly into the dialogue flow.

While powerful, knowledge base indexes have their limitations and may not suit every information source. For optimal results and current limitations, further reading is advised here.

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